My screen name is a composite of 2 latin words
Domini (means Lord/God) and Cane (means dog/hound). DominiCane= Hound of God.......

My heart belongs to a beautiful soul. Her name is Jess, aka ReLLy Lovely, Jayyy or ReLLy, my better half, my all. She is a classy lady that has my heart in her hands.
She completes me, makes me be a better man.

Just a guy in Texas.
Transplant from IL.
Catholic convert, St. Louis Cardinals fan,
am HoH
Bibliophile, Bibliomaniac
Speaks 5 languages, Reads 7 languages.
History buff

Huge fan of Tolkien.
Love the 80 s music, lol
Love classical, Opera, Jazz and country.
A 1960s and 70s muscle cars and trucks enthusiast.

I'm a pro-God, Pro-Trump, Pro-Life, Texas Proud, Gun toating, Red-blooded unvaccinated American man, full of toxic masculinity that loves and respects women, just like my mom and dad taught me to do.
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