Michigan Ghetto
All time Stoner
60's Chick Born In The 90's
Met Nick Castle(THE SHAPE) May,2019
Blackfoot/Sioux Nation
Psychedelic Research Volunteer
Taken by @Bradgidgetgeinstewart
LGBT Community
Manga/Anime Lover
Levayan Satanist
Fanfictions/Poems/Short Story Writer
Psychic Vampire & Lycanthrope Hybrid
Singer,Gothic Rapper,Spiritual Advisor
Hippie @ Heart
Hair metal & Power Ballads
Faithful Listener of Marilyn manson (Spooky kids-Born Villain Era's)
~Luv is Gidget Gein~
  • Lives in White Lake
  • From Wixom
  • Female
  • Married
  • 03/13/1992
  • Followed by 97 people
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