Meow; that is all.

Blizzard: MadamThorne#1743
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LorsTreasureTrove
Instgram: Victorialynn4579
Discord: LadyRoseofThornes (# available upon request)
Twitch: LadyRoseThorne
FB art page: facebook.com/Heathers-Handycrafts
I'm an artist by hobby, though I'm hoping to make a bit of a living out of it; or at least use it to help raise money to move back to Europe. I love tattoos and piercings, and I love animals. Let me see, what else? Oh yes, preferences. I'm demisexual, bi-romantic. I like documentaries, fantasy, and DnD/Pathfinder. I enjoy LARPing, when I get the chance, and cosplay events make me giddy. :3 I'm a bit of a nerd. I also class as a linguaphile. If there's a language in existence I can guarantee that I want to learn it. Not sure what else to say, so I'll add more later. :3
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