Hello, ladies + gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is J. Anthony Thompson. I am otherwise known as Mr. Dark. I welcome you to the Gothwire portal of my realm. 🦇

I’m Native American; Cherokee. I am originally from New York City, born in Brooklyn + raised in Manhattan. I live + breathe urban life. New York has been my beloved native soil since I was seven years old, but I love Central-to-Western Canadian cities like Toronto + Vancouver. I love urban life.

I possess + maintain a good + charming character throughout my personal, professional, + academic life. I consider myself as being honest, fair, easy-going, goal-oriented, intelligent, + very gentleman-like. I'm also very ambitious, adventurous in most aspects, career-minded, + well-educated. I view myself as being affable, strong-willed + also tough but fair.

Politically, I am a democrat. I am a liberal.

As far as languages go, I am practically fluent in speaking both Spanish and German; still practicing. Later, it’ll be Japanese.

Academically: I’m currently a college student.

Professionally, I am both a freelance horror writer and an adult content creator.

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