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  • Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll
    Had my nose spread for Turbinate Reduction Operation like monkey pox at a Gay Pride Parade in Germany where even men who love to fuck their dogs now have a voice. "You're disgusting Noodles!  There is no such thang!" https://www.bitchute.com/video/VFMPYUzFRxGS/?list=notifications&randomize=false Well they are Germans and those fucks are oddly as nasty as the Japanese without the great...
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  • Everything Fell In Place at the Dealership
    Somehow God, Lady Luck, The Fates, The Universe took care of me today and for that I am very grateful. The difference was substantial and will come in handy as I have many "Things" that will need to be taken care of once I get to Yucatan. No not coke off a stripper's ass or midget orgies...That's more of a christmas affair. "Hmmmm?   Coke off a hooker's ass Noodles?  Okay. ...
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  • Everything Coming to a Head
    Good or bad...The beat goes on. It's so fucking weird...In the last 2 years, while everything has been locked down, resturants, bars, theaters, schools, buisnesses, beaches, forests, deserts, museums etc. I have NEVER traveled and done as much just out of spite and rebellious nature. Finally got fucked up only when work held me to do a double in a building with multiple Covid + inmates...My...
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  • I'm Not Crazy Religious BUUUUUT
    The more you look at society the weirder it gets...Almost like everything in society is trying to spit in the face of God. Fake food to make natrual food "Better" yet it makes you sick. Teachers who don't teach. Priests who don't follow the the teachings in the bible. Cops who don't protect. Government that does the OPPOSITE of what the people want. And the weirdest one? Doctors who make their...
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  • What a Day!...Moved
    Cleaned, packed and moved. Got rid of about 70% of my things yet I still have so much stuff!   Rehoused 2 of my chihuahuas so they'll be fine and happy. Took my old baby with me...But my cat refused too get in the car and scratched the shit out of me. Going back on Tuesday to try to get him back...I love my boy, but he gets so scared he gets wild when I try to put him in a carrier. I...
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  • It Was All a Dream
    There he was awakened from a whiskey induced dream where he was King of Cats and made love to women who were aroused by his poverty and lack of proper age appropriate clothing. "What the fuck do they know?"-Yelled Noodles silently as he slapped on his MuMu Dress, Green Lime Clogs and Elvis Wig. What adventures will Noodles have today? Threesome?  2 day magic mushroom weekend?  Trip...
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  • Actual New Excuses For Sudden Deaths
    In healthy adults, teens and children: NO BULLSHIT 1.  Climate change 2.  Falling asleep with the TV on 3.  Traffic noise 4.  Shoveling snow 5.  Warmer summer nights 6.  Skipping breakfast 7.  Common household Ingredients 8.  Sodas 9.  Solar storms 10. Energy price shock 11. Sex 12. Living under an airplane route 13. Too much or lack of sleep 14....
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  • So on June 23rd
    I read and watched several things that made me think that Diesel oil was short in the country. I quickly bought a ton of it to hold some value to my money. The Additive I bought for $35 is now $44 and the Delco oil I bought at $78 is now btween $118-127 I'll wait a bit more than sell it for cheaper than it's going for at the stores....I figured I made almost enough to pay for my bike...
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  • No More Cars For Noodles
    In about 4-5 days, I'll be selling my SUV since I can't import it to Mexico and was thinking about getting a car down there. But my girlie said "If you don't need it and not sure you'll like it there, why not just get something to ride around in?" So I did...Bought 2 of these! With baskets and saddle bags...Just for intown riding. Nothing fancy or crazy expensive...Just 2 sturdy E Bikes. With...
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