akashawolfhaven's Album: Woman I Desire and Will Be- 2 (Color)

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. I wanted to inform everyone that I am into artistry. I am not just into drawing and coloring my own portraits, but I also am into photo editing and GIF creating. I do not want to mislead anyone, so I am going to explain the reason why I do the photo edits of myself. First of all, I love it. I have fun doing it. Second of all, I have two goals needing met by around the end of August 2022. The first goal is to find me remote (work at home) freelance writing, copywriting, copyediting, or blog content writing work. The second goal is to lose 55-65 pounds. The purpose of these photos, as this first set is in black and white filters, was to invent the styles, looks, and fashions that I would like to inherit when I reach my goal weight. I also know that my body is not like the figures you will see here, but it will give everyone a general idea of what I could look like with this kind of weight loss and when I am all dolled up. I wanted this read carefully because I do not wish to be accused of misleading anyone. The facial photos are of me, but I do a cut face and paste editing method to insert my face or style of face into a downloaded photos of pictures I find awesome.