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Hello. I'm bored.

  • Molock13
    • 15 posts
    September 11, 2019 3:01 AM EDT

    I guess I need to give some info on myself. Hmm. I've been a goth by style for about 19 years now. I've been a goth mentally all my life. Not kidding. My mom had pictures I drew in kindergarten in her storage room. They all centered around death and murder. So yeah. I was not your normal kid.

    Ok enough with the past. Right now I'm living on my own and my parents are dead. Religiously I'm not sure what I am. I've gone to church for three years now to learn more about the Christians and their God. I believe in God and Satan, but I'm not to sure on who's the good guy in the story. If I had to choose, as of right now, I'd probably side with Satan.

    Lastly, I'm here to mostly dick around and hopefully find other like minded people to talk to.

  • FernandoCohen
    • 2 posts
    September 15, 2019 8:47 AM EDT

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  • Goaway
    • 31 posts
    October 5, 2019 6:48 PM EDT
    I'm am atheist, but I was raised a Christian and the more I learned about God the more messed up it all seemed, he doesn't seem like a good guy.
    Interesting intro. Wish I'd taken a page out of your book before writing mine ha.