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My friends, and other Animals

  • Joshuas7x
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    November 3, 2019 11:41 PM EST

    Long before the time of man, God gave the earth to beast.  His favorite of the beasts were Roveille who ruled over the deserts, and mountains. Then there was Carelle who ruled over the seas, and forests.  Together they had Four Sons: Rostiel Who was given reign over the skies. Grastivle Who was given The gifts of speech, and Fire. Jonoco Whom was given The gifts of Water, and Free Passage.  And Finally: Evankiel Whom was given control of all of the earth’s plants, and Taught by god himself the ways of magic.

    For Eons all was at peace, until man appeared.  A civil war broke out between god’s first children; You would know them as angels. Our father told us to avoid the conflict, and not to take either side. God allowed us to remain neutral, and for the most part we did.  However, The corrupted ones Enticed my older brothers.  Rostiel the most.  After the war ended Both Rostiel, and Grastivle were punished.  As man was still young God could not yet judge my brothers based on their will.

    So, he gave the right to his first of children whom remained loyal.  They caged Rostiel; first by binding him into a lesser form which was eternally rotting, the second was shattering his memories which caused madness. As to where his prison is; I do not know.  Grastivle was given mercy in his punishment.  He was to continually teach man the ways of construction, and harvest; in addition he would also never be allowed to change forms, or to engage with any female of any species.  They asked myself, and my youngest brother what we wanted, but to tell the truth we mostly stayed out of the conflict in accordance to our fathers will.

    We answered that we desired nothing, but still they rewarded us: It was nothing useful.
    Time came, and went; Eventually I left home, and not long after so did Evankiel.  Somehow I ended up in Macungie Pennsylvania in The United States of America.