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ABOUT My XificurK:

  • lilithokulta
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    June 27, 2020 8:45 PM EDT

    At the beginning we would like to emphasize that we want to remain anonymous,
    which is why we do not provide information from which country we are, etc.
    We decided to do this because we want to emphasize that we promote music and its message, not ourselves.

    "XificurK is a two-person project.(...) XificurK is made by Temira De Temirin and Sitre De Sitrin,
    and the first of them was commented on black metal musical inspirations:
    "Everyone who knows the work of Burzum will immediately hear strong inspiration in the third song of our EP,
    we put a lot of emphasis on the black metal philosophy than on its current musical frames.
    In our opinion, Black metal has no frames. We want to create music that will be in opposition to the
    "beautiful black metal" of nowadays, we try to get the dirt of the most important wave of black metal from Norway.
     Although, despite everything, we took a light inspiration from the band Batushka,
    but more in the form of a caricature, rather than reproducing  orthodox church music from the east. "

    got some nice oryginal stuff going there. Like the old experimental early 90s feel.
    Cudos for keeping it this way! (...)

    I do honestly think you truly got something quite unique there, love the semi fuzz on the guitars,
    and a bit backwards mixing and music landscapes, with loud burzumesque synth etc.
    Very inspiring to hear there’s still someone into the absolute oldschool feel! Hat off for taking me back 25 Years.”
    - Svartalv Halvorsen

    Known from:
    Bass Satyricon
    Bass/Vocals Gehenna
    Guitar and Backing Vocals AETERNUS
    Creative writer 1349 (Official)
    Founder Svartalv
    Founder Nocturnal Breed OFFICIAL
    Founder COMBATH Official
    Founder Aiwass - Official
    And more...

    We want to oppose the "Beautiful Black Metal" of nowadays.
    That is why  we want to cut off of the genre Black Metal.
    We recognize ourself as a new  genre: The Blackest Metal.


    The Polish duo XificurK pride themselves on rejecting the expansion of “black metal”
    as a genre label that has occurred since the early days of the second wave, and they take
    their inspiration from those early Nordic roots. Their first EP was disclosed in late
    December 2019, and at some point this year they will release a second EP named 1410.
    I don’t know the significance of that title, whether it refers to the year 1410 or to
    something else, but the first single from the EP — “Vilthaaen” —
    does have elements of ancient music within it. The prelude, in which bells rings,
    cartwheels roll, a somber medieval melody reverberates, and a reverent voice brings
    Gregorian chants to mind — all these ingredients conjure thoughts of another time of plague.
    The music gradually changes — and then races.
    Light-speed drumming provides the hurtling drive as the riffing slowly writhes in agony
    and the bass moans and bubbles. The distorted vocal shrieking is extravagantly tormented
    and enraged. When the drumming briefly ceases in its rocketing course, the music becomes
    even more gloom-shrouded and hopeless. In the song’s mid-section, the feeling of pain and
    despair grows even more pronounced, yet the effect is also strangely mesmerizing.
    When the song catches fire again, the vocals become completely insane —
    though the finale is a sorrowful guitar instrumental that again resonates with the air of
    ancient music.
    It’s a fascinating, multi-faceted song, and one that’s less rigidly rooted in the early phases
    of black metal’s second wave than I was expecting from what I read, though the spirit of
    the music is undeniably plague-stricken and pitch-black. It makes me want to go check out
    the band’s first EP, and to keep a watchful eye on the advent of 1410.


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    from upcoming EP - 1410

    of upcoming EP - 1410


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