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Happy Unbirthday!

  • Katnip
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    March 1, 2015 2:26 PM EST

    I just wanted to post and see if all of us can get a conversation going in the forums - They should be more active =P

    Here's a theory; The Big Bang, that started this Universe, was actually the start of a Black Hole within another Universe.  <--That's a sub-theory to what was theorized a couple years or so ago, that Everytime a Black Hole forms, A Universe is created within it. Each Universe is a different type of dimension which would explain why we would never survive entering one (besides being ripped apart and what not from the pressure). When A Black Hole finally comes to an end, The Universe goes with it. 

    Another thing that could be talked about? I remember being a kid and actually seeing a UFO when I was outside in our family pool. My friend and I ran inside to grab a camera to take a picture of it but, when we came back out, it was gone. And does anyone remember back in 2011, the weird metallic sounds that everyone heard all over the world? I hear too in January of 2011 over my family's home. I remember a statement coming out talking about something to do with military bases but, there is no military base out near there. The closest one is about two to three hours away and the sound was DIRECTLY above our home.