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  • Victorian Goths Entertainment & Arts
  • this groupe is a place where Victorian Goths meet and chat online. this groupe care only about the old style. books and novels and other things that are in the Classic, Gothic, Rococo and of cource Victorian era.
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Victorian Goths


  • Ghostlygentleman1880
    It’s good to finally see other Victorian goths glad to meet you all
  • Ghostlygentleman1880
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  • MissBlackRose
    I wish some people would put some thought into what they do. It could easily avoid most conflicts.    
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    • MissBlackRose
      SaffronElement Amen to that .
      • September 7, 2017
    • MissBlackRose
      battleangel I have come to the conclusion that some people set out to create drama as much as others try to avoid it. I recently did a cull ofmy friends lists on two other social networking sites. I don't need thoughtless and drama seeking people in my life. I have...  more
    • MissBlackRose
      battleangel OK...........
      • September 8, 2017
    • MissBlackRose
      Katie4Opaque = People
    • MissBlackRose
      anaehtheana Some people are perpetually thoughtless, and some people are thoughtfully poisonous.
      • June 22, 2019
  • MissBlackRose
    Don't you just wish that it was the old days ,where people had manners?
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    • MissBlackRose
      DevilsFood Oh, yeah.

      A blatant example of Obscene Immature Entitled Selfishness nowadays is No MaskWearing; Refusing To Wear A Mask Proves A Brazenly-Inconsiderate (to Others) Individual, for instance.


      "Whatever The Semantics, It Is The...  more
      • August 9, 2020
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