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    If you're in the U.K, come one, come all. Here we talk about British things like Weatherspoons, Greggs, and having disappointing, unfulfilling sex behind a Veolia bin - usually belonging to a Weatherspoons....  more
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  • For real, though, Tesco do make the best sandwiches of all the super markets.
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    wagwan piff tings whats ur bbm and snap
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  • Okay, lads. This is a thread for shit talking counties, cities, towns, and generally dunking on places you're really not a fan of.

    Lemme start by saying that Wolverhampton is a badly laid out, poorly maintained, clusterfuck of a shit hole. I saw...  more
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      AndyVampified Why does everything in Kentish town smell like shit?
      • Jul 30
  • So Tesco had a deal going on Jaffa Cakes the other day. I got a lot of Jaffa cakes to share with my friends, on the beach.

    Have y'all spotted any good deals lately?
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      DankerThanClanker Holy shit, where's that happening?
      • Jul 26
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      Severinskiss So it's Friday which in my book means Wheee-kend! What's everybody up to?
      • Jul 26
  • So how are my fellow brits staying cool?

    I'm sat partially-naked in front of a desk fan, and lamenting my poor choice to come home from the coast.
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      jmxb Tower fan aimed directly at the fellas
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      Severinskiss I thought my brain was boiling yesterday, managed to get to the gym pool early evening so that helped, but then it was still so goddamn hot when I went to bed that I didn't sleep until thankfully the rains started. Today I'm worshiping a tower fan and...  more
      • Jul 26
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    Presenting Nolton, Pembrokeshire. This place is truly awe inspiring.
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      Katie4Opaque Lovely so therapeutic
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    I met a beautiful British woman today.

    Said no one ever.