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  • gothgirl25
    When I love, truly, I love with all of me. And when I feel loved back, a blind trust drowns my heart; it isn't until it's too late that I realize my mistake, and I die again. No matter how hard I love, my heart is never really understood. Instead, it is...  more
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  • gothgirl25
    HOME 2019

    I’ve always wanted a family
    A true family
    And a place to call my home
    A forever home that I never have to leave
    I’ve always wanted to be a part of something that isn’t broken
    I finally found a family
    A beautiful one
    Well they found me
    I...  more
  • gothgirl25
    Death is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just when you leave your earthly body to go back into the universe from where you came. Call it what you want, heaven, a star, another dimension. There you’ll just BE. No pain, or worry, or sadness. Just BEING....  more
  • gothgirl25
    Sterile hearts and stagnant minds
    Souls that fight to intertwine
    In this world we have no choice
    But to raise our shaking voice
    In a world where hearts are cold
    We live we work then we grow old
    And nothing will become of us
    Well I want a different...  more
  • gothgirl25
    They say we’re sick for loving each other. They say we’re going to hell to pay for it...
    But let me tell you something, my love:
    If the only heaven I’ll experience is being alone with you, then I’ll take it. I’ll pay any price to have what we...  more
  • gothgirl25
    11/14/19 2:04 pm

    My heart is broken. And idk how to repair it. I know I’ll find a way. But for now it just hurts. Coming so close to losing you. It just broke me. I imagine what it would feel like if I had actually lost you. My heart wouldn’t just...  more
  • gothgirl25
    Miss Universe

    Meeting her was like
    Thunder meeting lightning
    She roared, and I responded
    By lighting the night sky
    It then became a gentle dance
    She touched my wounds
    And they suddenly began to heal
    And for the first time in my life
    I felt...  more
  • gothgirl25
    10/14/19 12:36 a.m.
    What Love Is

    She is moonlight
    She’s the dawn
    She’s a soft breeze
    Blowing through my hair
    She’s a warm bath, soothing my soul
    She’s the lotus, springing up through filth
    Reminding me that there is always
    Beauty from...  more
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