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  • A group for My Chemical Romance fans! Unleash The Fucking Bats!!
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  • XxDenomKittyxX
    From ‘The Black Parade’ Download/Stream: Connect with My Chemical Romance:
  • raeraeofsunshine
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  • XxDenomKittyxX
    I just love this music video so much, I remember seeing it for the first time on TV when I was only a freshman in high school, and I was just hooked. This was a band that understood us, the weirdos and outcasts and for the first time I felt a sense of...  more
    Pre-order MCR's limited edition of the greatest hits album "May Death Never Stop You" at and the regular version at iTunes at ht...
  • Gypsy
    Omg I love MCR so much that when I was 13-15 before school every morning I'd get up an hour early just to research them so I could know everything lmao..
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    • Gypsy
      b1n0gHoSt But did you sing happy birthday to Frank lero on his birthday as they played a packed out civic hall..full of screaming & in some cases fainting teenie boppers
      • Sep 8
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    • Gypsy
      Londonash I did the same but with bad religion ....cos I’m cool
      • Sep 8
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  • To All Members Welcome! ^_^
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    • XxDenomKittyxX
      vampirella Hi
  • vampirella
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