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  • An asylum for dark fiction, horror, and any other dark books or writings lurking in the literary world. Authors, writers, poets, feel free to promote your work, or discuss writing. Readers, feel free to check out the reads, discuss books, or make...  more
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Dark Books Read and Promote


  • Jason
    Living Dead
    J. Martinez
    Summer bugs splattered on the crown vic windshield.
    Driving on the same old roads, around the same old town.
    The wind always ruffled her pretty honey blond hair
    When we hit the back roads with the widows down.

    We were always on...  more
  • ZenarithMorningstar
    • ZenarithMorningstar
      ZenarithMorningstar I am actually working on building a Satanic Library (
      If you're interested you can help me build and organize the Library.
      • November 9, 2020
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  • Jason
    In most cities, nightmares are unrealistic, and many fears are irrational.  In Auto Town the opposite is true.  Auto Town is a vortex for people with superhuman abilities, and whatever fear can be imagined by the populace, can likely become reality....  more
  • Jason
    Books don't appear to be a popular topic on this site, so I predict this group will die young. If it lives, though, I imagine it'll harbor some badass reads.
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