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  • Texas’s Goth and alternative group Cultures & Community
  • For anyone thinking there is no use, that your scene and lifestyle is dead and gone!
    No way, I want to invite anyone from Texas to the group I have big plans for this group!
    To make hang outs and share anything you have on that hellishly
    Wicked mind of yours!
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    • Last updated December 9, 2020

Texas’s Goth and alternative group


  • Ghostworld
    Anyone in San Antonio or Austin?
  • ashley22
  • frantike
  • PlanetCreepyFunShow
    Another goth music Finnished now it's time to edited
  • AstroLily
  • PlanetCreepyFunShow
    Who remembers the good ol Rozz Williams days? His music really captures my heart and thoughts in the 90's. Anyone else had a 90s goth band that had a agreement with your emotions sometimes?
  • PlanetCreepyFunShow
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    • PlanetCreepyFunShow
      kernalpanic3011 Tiptoe thru’ the tulips
    • PlanetCreepyFunShow
      PlanetCreepyFunShow Lol awesome!
      • December 20, 2020
    • PlanetCreepyFunShow
      Katie4Opaque Mars attack!
  • PlanetCreepyFunShow
    Yeah baby! Southern goth fams in da
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    • PlanetCreepyFunShow
      Ghostworld Damn right!
  • EzraFischer
  • Ghoulieblack
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