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  • This Group is for anyone who likes All sorts of Rock N Metal!
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Rockers N Metal Heads!


  • Metalhead667
  • DismalWynter
    Any special albums people have been listening to during this crazy time we are in ?
    • DismalWynter
      Metalhead667 I don’t know if this is considered “special” but I have been listening to Animal Magnetism album vinyl.
      • Apr 5
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    • DismalWynter
      Metalhead667 It’s a interesting album, I am not sure what kind of music you like or genre. But I can give you some one albums I have been listening to.
      • Apr 7
    • DismalWynter
      DismalWynter That would be cool ! I'm listen to alot of Black Metal & Doom usually. But pretty much anything from metal to classical,jazz,post rock,techno,etc. View 1 Reply
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    Happy New Year metal heads taking openings to making new friends feel free to add and message small talk im open to the new year
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