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  • Unholy Strength Health & Wellness
  • Make that black heart race! Whatever your drive for exercising, you belong here! Share inspirations and routine ideas, whatever you like. All support, no hate.
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Unholy Strength


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  • celtious
    How is everyone today? Don't forget that good nutrition is just as important as quality exercise!
  • Kristineelaine
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  • themetal
    Hello, thanks for the add. I train for strongman and arm wrestling. I incorporate bodybuilding as well. I have been consistently working out for about 6 years now. Always open to chat fitness and help others, as well as listen to ideas and suggestions.
  • themetal
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  • MS42
    My motivation is to keep fit and feel young. I don't want to become a unhealthy, unfit middle aged man with medical problems so I do what I can and have fun doing it. Been lifting and doing some cardio for 4-7 days a week except for rest weeks and such...  more
  • celtious
    Not a bad run yesterday, considering the wind was cold enough to make my nose burn. Looking forward to better times tomorrow!
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