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  • A group to discuss and chat about the most goth/metal events, facts, people, etc. in history.
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Goth history


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  • VampireMatt
    Flag of the black army of Hungary. Incorporated in its design is a raven holding a gold ring, the army's symbol.
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      Tyrannical4Teabags Hungarians make some great goulash.
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    The Black Army of Hungary, the most goth army of all time! It most likely got its name from the black, high carbon armor worn by their troops.
    Once the Greatest Army in Europe - The Black Army of Hungary
  • MaryAugustine
    Mythological Creatures, I can walk or talk anyone through it but I won't as passionate I am about them I'd like to share this website instead
    Library: Monsters, Ghosts, & Mysteries: Mysterious Creatures
  • VampireMatt
    An interesting video on the war scythe, since goths love all things scythes.
    To contact Jeremy Letheule, the maker of the Reaper scythe I designed: The SkallaGrim Reaper in action: The falx te...
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    A painting of Las de Blazo himself
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    An awesome song about the Battle of Cartagena de Indias (1741), the most decisive engagement of the War of Jenkins' Ear. Spain, greatly outnumbered, defeated Britain in this battle under the command of Blas De Lazo. Having...  more
    Lyric video for Alestorm - 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena) Video style was inspired by PiscatorLager but since he's stopped uploading, I'm choosing to use his style. Picture is Battle of Cartagena by Rowley DISCLAIMER: I do not condone hate or harassment...
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      Apocryphos 18th century. What an era, what an era. Many of historical novel books deal with that century. Wilbur Smith is one of the best writers regarding this genre...
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    Ya Its real unfortunate that even with the advent of the internet, it can still be so difficult to find people like you.
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    VampireMatt, that's a good point and I think most people can agree. It's kind of ironic though because we live in the age of social media. We have many outlets of communication, you'd think sub cultures like Goth's would be meeting up more. What's goin...
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    Awesome song about the the Great Heathen Army. The Great Heathen Army was a coalition of Germanic tribes that invaded and ravaged the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Britain in the late 9th century. Here is an awesome by Iced Earth about them.
    Taken from the new album "Incorruptible". GET IT NOW: Get this track now: ICED EARTH - Great Heathen Army (Lyric Video). Century Media Records 2017.