• 23

    Goth buddies

    Just here to socialize and have fun with people who share similar interests!!
    led by Ghostworld

  • 18


    This group is for grunge fans. Share bands, songs, write lyrics, post photos
    led by DuskOceanSoundWaves

  • 82

    Unholy Strength

    Make that black heart race! Whatever your drive for exercising, you belong here! Share inspirations and routine ideas, whatever you like. All support, no hate.
    led by celtious

  • 54


    For meetups, friends, whatever really as long as you live in CO
    led by Mazzy

  • 298

    Rockers N Metal Heads!

    This Group is for anyone who likes All sorts of Rock N Metal!
    led by Bloody

  • 238

    Texas’s Goth and alternative group

    For anyone thinking there is no use, that your scene and lifestyle is dead and gone!
    No way, I want to invite anyone from Texas to the group I have big plans for this group!
    To make hang outs and share anything you have on that hellishly
    Wicked mind of yours!
    led by Ghostworld

  • 239

    Night Crew

    Up late at night? Bored? Need a group of people to kill some time with? This is your group. Nothing political, not heated conversations. Just a group of people to talk to when its a bit too quiet at night.
    led by TragicPrince

  • 142

    Dark Books Read and Promote

    An asylum for dark fiction, horror, and any other dark books or writings lurking in the literary world. Authors, writers, poets, feel free to promote your work, or discuss writing. Readers, feel free to check out the reads, discuss books, or make...  more
    led by Jason

  • 90

    Theistic Canadian Satanists

    100% Canadian.
    A Fellow Satanist to Meet.
    Guaranteed Demonic Evocation Within Premises.
    Hail Satan!
    Ave Satanas!
    led by ZenarithMorningstar

  • 211

    Music and Arts Network

    This is a group for people who wish to network and share original music, covers, art, poems, novels, etc.
    led by adabsurbo

  • 159

    Fashion&DIY (for broke bats)

    Hi, I made this group for people to share their fashion tips/ideas/findings when building a dark closet on a budget. Feel free to share pictures, sketches, put links and so on.
    Anyone welcome. No bullying or rude comments please.
    led by MarieSanglante

  • 195

    Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    To become a Pastafarian you must recite this holy prayer: Thy noodle come, Thy sauce be yum, on top some grated Parmesan. Give us this day our garlic bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trample on our lawns. And lead us not into...  more
    led by SugarBatz