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    a group dedicated to the Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Neo classicL metal, traditional Metal, Adventure Metal, Pirate Metal etc
    led by PowerSymphonic

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    Skin Care

    Making this for people who are wanting to care for their skin and give tips,advice or questions about their skin.
    led by GhoulishSpider

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    Post Punk/ Dark Wave

    I need a Sanctuary away from the main feed, Join me if you feel the same....

    This Group is mainly about Horror films, Goth Memes, Music associated with Goth Subculture,...  more
    led by Katie4Opaque

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    Musicians wanted for Southern California metal project

    Well, Covid is in full swing, studies are online, and I have a good amount of time to up my guitar playing.

    With that intro, I'm looking to start a metal project something away from a specific sub genre as to say, I don't particularly want to be...  more
    led by kyouma

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    Miss posting in thread games like VF use to have?
    Bored and want something to do to kill time? Feel free to post in thread games!

    Rules:...  more
    led by Sososweetsavii

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    League of Legends

    A group for league memes and party searches I guess.
    led by whisper

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    Heartagram Fans

    A place where we can discuss all things HIM, Bam Margera, and what's going on with them today! Show me your heartagrams!
    led by blackcutroses

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    Industrial Music

    A group where you can post music and discuss anything pertaining to the Industrial music scene.
    led by Diedunklefee

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    led by Itlyeiss

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    Final fantasy

    Hello final fantasy lovers.

    enjoy your time here.
    You can roleplay...  more
    led by Sooma

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    STEM Goths

    A place for goths in the STEM field, or those interested, to be a bunch of geeks together. We can talk about classes, new discoveries in the STEM world or just have a good laugh together only STEM folks would understand.
    led by RosemarytheElf