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    We are a secretive movement.
    led by prince9f6l00d

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    Luna Celtic

    An obscure but still real religion. easy way to describe is Wiccan mixed with Buddhist. Easy going people who still believe in the mysticism and paranormal.
    led by kittyrevived13

  • 1,490

    goth christians and Catholics

    My fellow brothers and sisters i have made this group to show the way of the lord to know his truth meaning and love jesus is our lord and savior but if you join i will not judge you on your hair height weight sexuality or even the color of your skin my...  more
    led by unknown987x

  • 3,373

    paranormal activity

    all and everything is paranormal.
    None shall be believed.
    some night i may hear the howl.

    all are welcome to the dark ...
    led by cimmerian

  • 1,420

    Whovians Unite

    A group where Whovians can be themselves and can teach others the ways of the Doctor
    led by DraconisCicatrix95

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    Kalifornia Kreeps

    A group for Goths & everyone else that lives in California to meet, talk, & socialize
    Discussions about anything to the everything will be had, just post one
    led by NekroAlice

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    Victorian Goths

    this groupe is a place where Victorian Goths meet and chat online. this groupe care only about the old style. books and novels and other things that are in the Classic, Gothic, Rococo and of cource Victorian era.
    led by yada

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    Goths Unite

    Siouxsie And The Banshees, Christian Death, Rosetta Stone, Diva Destruction, Echo & The Bunnymen, ect. THIS Group is for all you battbutts out there!!
    led by CheckersBattz

  • 2,343

    Goth Spot

    Hello i have made this group for all Goths of the site to come and chill, meet other goths, chat and get to know one another, we will have music topics, photos, clothing styles and much more to discuss. As a subculture we are deemed as a dying breed but...  more
    led by Nevexi

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    Sanguis Vitam Est

    The blood is the life. Whether you believe you are of the Kindred, a role player, or are just fascinated, welcome. Yes, this group is for all things Vampyre. This one, however, does not sparkle.
    led by VampyricXFaerie

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    Sanguine Chalice

    For any goth.
    led by VampyricXFaerie

  • 2,373

    The Gray Witch

    A place for Pagans (witches). Whether it be black, white, or gray, you are welcome here.
    led by VampyricXFaerie