• 86

    Comicbook Readers Unite

    a place to discuss all comics from past to present
    led by GothicChurro

  • 134

    Visual Kei

    Group for fans of Visual Kei bands from around the world. This style definitely deserves more appreciation, support, and more promotion as well. Come join if you're into vkei! (Anything from tanuki is highly discouraged, as spreading rumors and...  more
    led by OfficialKatMayhem

  • 146

    Spanish bombs

    Para personas que hablen espaƱol
    led by gothcore14

  • 275

    Gothwire Models

    Gothwire Models are the soul of the community.
    led by Stitch

  • 82

    Go for it

    This group is for everyone to post about anything in the discussions or on the wall about anything, whether it be games, politcs, gaming rigs, work, house decor, memes, banter, even how bad the weather is outside. literally anything.

    Just...  more
    led by khaosreigns

  • 112

    DnD, Pathfinder and everything Tabletop

    A fine meeting place for those who partake of tabletop in any form or fashion. A place for topics, discussions, online and offline group creation and many other things.

    Obviously, no Edition Wars. Don't need this group to burn from arguments. Respect...  more
    led by MetalHeadGhost

  • 904

    DM fan club

    a group for you guessed it ...all of us Depeche Mode fans here on GothWire.
    led by Nivram

  • 60

    Game currency market

    Here you can buy anything you need - Buy Safe, Fast and Guaranteed
    led by Gamerzone

  • 151

    Avenged Sevenfold fans

    a group for fans of Avenged Sevenfold to hang out and discuss favorite songs and band news.
    led by KingLeonidas

  • 477


    This Group is for anyone in the world who likes Bdsm, blood, slaves, shackles, leashes, collars, gags, whips, blind folds, spanking Etc. So if this sounds like you. than you came to the right place..
    led by Bloody

  • 77


    led by Lertque

  • 234

    Anime/Manga Ecchi Sector

    Group for all who like Ecchi Pics.
    Feel free to post nice pics of your favorite character.

    NO Hentai! NO Lolicon!
    led by IDrThodtI