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    League of Legends

    A group for league memes and party searches I guess.
    led by whisper

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    Heartagram Fans

    A place where we can discuss all things HIM, Bam Margera, and what's going on with them today! Show me your heartagrams!
    led by blackcutroses

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    Industrial Music

    A group where you can post music and discuss anything pertaining to the Industrial music scene.
    led by Diedunklefee

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    led by Itlyeiss

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    Big Butt Lovers

    A closely knit secret society of men and women who love the Indigo Girls or K.D. Lang, wife beaters and shorts, and terrible short haircuts...Who for generations, centuries or dare I say it?

    Eons. Who not only admire, BUT respect the proper posture of...  more
    led by Noodles123

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    Beard Wearers and Lovers

    Have a maybe love or kink for BEARDED MEN or WOMEN ;)
    This shall be the place.

    And all BEARDS are WELCOME, unless you only have a 3 day pr0n stache :P (thats shit wash your face brah)
    led by InfernalHate

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    Polyamorous Dating

    Polyamory has become a widely practiced style of relationships and it has many benefits but has just as many downfalls. Many hear the word “Poly” and think it’s sexual- and don’t get me wrong, polyamorous sex is amazing; but as in any...  more
    led by Crowley666

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    Comicbook Readers Unite

    a place to discuss all comics from past to present
    led by GothicChurro

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    Visual Kei

    Group for fans of Visual Kei bands from around the world. This style definitely deserves more appreciation, support, and more promotion as well. Come join if you're into vkei! (Anything from tanuki is highly discouraged, as spreading rumors and...  more
    led by OfficialKatMayhem

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    Spanish bombs

    Para personas que hablen español
    led by gothcore14

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    Gothwire Models

    Gothwire Models are the soul of the community.
    led by Stitch