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    Anime/Manga Ecchi Sector

    Group for all who like Ecchi Pics.
    Feel free to post nice pics of your favorite character.

    NO Hentai! NO Lolicon!
    led by IDrThodtI

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    For people who want to talk about the movies we love, and the movie we just saw. Keep comments with SPOILERS in them with SPOILERS as the first word in the comment. Can you do that? You can do that. I just know it.
    led by ThePoisonBlossom

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    Sandman Endless Fan Page

    For Fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman Universe (comics/graphic novels, and Netflix series when that comes around.)
    Post your favorite panels, start discussions, and keep it cool.
    Bullshit will not be accepted.
    led by ThePoisonBlossom

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    Visual Kei

    For fans of the Japanese created genre "Visual Kei".
    led by kairu

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    new friends

    A place for new people to make new friends
    led by MidnightDreams

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    Gamers of GW

    For those of us who like gaming and like gaming together, whether it is PC, Playstation, xbox, nintendo or whatever else.
    led by TragicPrince

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    Scene Kidz

    Calling all scene kidsss
    led by gothgirl25

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    Self Harm Support

    This is a safe place to vent feelings, stories, and to connect with others struggling with self harm urges. Make friends, feel supported, and Stay Strong!!!
    If anyone needs to talk, I'll be here for you. Add me as a friend and send me a message.
    led by gothgirl25

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    The 69 Eyes (FANGROUP)

    Well since this is one of my favorite bands and I'm sure a lot of people can agree The 69 Eyes SLAP, made a group! feel free to join/add people
    led by sleepy

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    Shitposters Alliance

    Post memes... Random shit.... Whatever.... I don't give a fuck! No debates...
    led by Roach

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    This is a place where my fans can ask me about anything, talk to me, or send me any digital fanmail.
    led by denixvames