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    Baby Bats

    A place where young baby bats can learn about stuff with other baby bats! Feel free to share art or pictures. When critiquing others, be sure to be nice and respectful. No homophobia, racism, sexism, or hate towards any groups will be tolerated.
    led by SleeqyB0nes

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    IMVU members

    This group is for IMVU members. If you do not have IMVU to your PC or phone I recommend it.
    led by Poyzon

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    Just Sean boys looking for somone to fill the void of our sadness
    led by RawrXD24

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    Death Metal Fans

    I think there needed to be a group for Death Metal fans! Who are also kind of goth on the inside.
    led by sleepy

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    Darlock Family

    This is a family made up of human and inhuman creatures, humanoid and not. We are dark-minded, goth, and we stick together. We support and care for/about each other.
    led by Eve13

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    Share Your Art

    Any art is welcome! Drawings, writing, music, fiber art, clay art, you name it. Just share and inspire. Make the rest of us feel something. Profile pic credit goes to Lauren. Love you babe!
    led by gothgirl25

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    Hollywood Undead Fan Club

    Just a group for devoted HU fans to share thoughts, feelings, pics, HU music, lyrics, and HU news.
    led by gothgirl25

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    Black Metal

    Only True Black Metal Allowed!
    led by asaradel

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    Second Life

    A group for peeps on Second Life, an MMORG.
    Whether your avatar is Goth or otherwise,it would be cool to have a group for us SLers....unless I'm the only one on GW!
    led by RavenDominae

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    Dungeons and Dragons

    A comunity of people who play or want to learn how to play D&D, talk about campaigns to dming to characters and other things you want to discuss.
    led by Daniel

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    PC online gaming

    Hello all, i wanted to start this group for the few of us that would like to connect on a gaming level. Feel free to express your opinion on pc gaming and pc building. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks and have fun.
    led by CanadaCaat