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Silent Hill maybe a Creepypasta

  • Cryoborg447
    December 12, 2014

    So this is about the popular horror/psychological suspence video game series Silent Hill, it is generally to focus on your thoughts and opinions about whether or not the game franchise is considered a type of Creepypasta. What would make it that way and would there be any theories surrounding the belief of it being possible?

  • LadyAbsu
    February 21, 2015

    Although the game franchise is clearly one of the creepiest out there, it would be hard to translate Silent Hill to CreepyPasta. Somebody actually wrote one surrounding the music box, I believe. They claimed to be one of the people that worked on the game that put in the sound byte for the musicbox in. It was decent, I admit, but kinda hard to believe.

    Silent Hill CP would have to be believable, maybe even including some ritual that most people wouldn't dare do. Like...the movie Constantine, the only way to get to Hell is to, well, kill yourself then somehow come back quickly. Most people wouldn't dare try that, you know?

    Unfortunately, CP is extremely intolerant of cliches...that has kept me from coming up with a good original idea, so many rules. It would make it difficult to really paint a picture with those rules...