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    The Metal Mountain

    Here We Listen To Metal & Rock Of Any Kind,
    So If You Have A Song Stuck On Your Mind
    Come Join Us On The Mountain Side!
    led by Prax

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    Industrial Music

    A group where you can post music and discuss anything pertaining to the Industrial music scene.
    led by Diedunklefee

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    Final fantasy

    Hello final fantasy lovers.

    enjoy your time here.
    You can roleplay...  more
    led by Sooma

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    STEM Goths

    A place for goths in the STEM field, or those interested, to be a bunch of geeks together. We can talk about classes, new discoveries in the STEM world or just have a good laugh together only STEM folks would understand.
    led by RosemarytheElf

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    Big Butt Lovers

    A closely knit secret society of men and women who love the Indigo Girls or K.D. Lang, wife beaters and shorts, and terrible short haircuts...Who for generations, centuries or dare I say it?

    Eons. Who not only admire, BUT respect the proper posture of...  more
    led by Noodles123

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    Beard Wearers and Lovers

    Have a maybe love or kink for BEARDED MEN or WOMEN ;)
    This shall be the place.

    And all BEARDS are WELCOME, unless you only have a 3 day pr0n stache :P (thats shit wash your face brah)
    led by InfernalHate

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    Polyamorous Dating

    Polyamory has become a widely practiced style of relationships and it has many benefits but has just as many downfalls. Many hear the word “Poly” and think it’s sexual- and don’t get me wrong, polyamorous sex is amazing; but as in any...  more
    led by Crowley666