• InternetCaveman

    How is the beta version of the site?

    Posted by InternetCaveman Sep 29 - 10 votes - 62 views
  • HereSooma

    Discord groups links I can join?

    Posted by HereSooma Jul 18 - 1 vote - 133 views
    Discord server groups?
  • TenebrisAngelus

    Favorite Silent Hill Antagonist

    Posted by TenebrisAngelus Jul 6 - 8 votes - 140 views
    Who is your favorite Silent Hill antagonist(s)? If your favorite isn’t listed here or if you have multiple favorites, just comment below. My favorite antagonists of the series are Alessa Gillespie and Walter Sullivan.
  • TenebrisAngelus

    Favorite Silent Hill Protagonist

    Posted by TenebrisAngelus Jul 2 - 5 votes - 126 views
    Who is your favorite Silent Hill protagonist? Mine is Cheryl/Heather Mason because I always loved her personality and I felt she had the most character development of all the protagonists in the series. Also, Alessa is one of my favorite SH characters so that’s another reason I’ve always been biased towards Heather as she’s her reincarnation.
  • TenebrisAngelus

    Favorite Hogwarts House

    Posted by TenebrisAngelus Jul 1 - 11 votes - 173 views
    Any Potterheads here? If so, what is your favorite Hogwarts House or which House do you belong in based on your traits and personality? My favorite House has always been Slytherin and according to the Pottermore quiz, I belong in Slytherin as well.
  • TenebrisAngelus

    Favorite Silent Hill Game

    Posted by TenebrisAngelus Jun 26 - 7 votes - 173 views
    What is your favorite Silent Hill game? If you have more than one, just comment. Personally, I’ve never been able to choose a favorite as I love them all but I would say the three I’ve played the most are SH2, SH3, and SH4. I have some of the best memories from those games.
  • Trappernicus

    Political Interests \ud83e\udd8a

    Posted by Trappernicus Jun 25 - 15 votes - 154 views
    What political party do you align with?
  • TenebrisAngelus

    Favorite Lord in Resident Evil 8

    Posted by TenebrisAngelus Jun 24 - 3 votes - 172 views
    My favorite is definitely Donna. She’s the darkest/scariest of the four and I absolutely love her whole aesthetic.
  • Smallz33

    Pick a politcal system.

    Posted by Smallz33 Jun 21 - 10 votes - 158 views
  • Ars0n1st

    Which Dimitrescu Daughter Is Better?

    Posted by Ars0n1st May 28 - 0 votes - 126 views
    Which Dimitrescu daughter is better from the new Resident Evil 8 game