im just this washed up rockstar without their guitars and such.. just tryna find the love of my life instead of it being a cigarette or two. life always gets me down and such. i really dont got much to offer this world. its like i was one giant mistake or something. i write to much to save my own good and such. im too truthful with the world and shit. i hate peoples bullshit drama but drama tends to be fucking life cause everyone thrives off of hearing the ugly shit but i fucking hate it. i hate it so badly. i do what i want when the fuck i want it. no one stops me from being a slave to what i love doing. no i will never try to sell your shit at a retail place cause i just want my own shop doing whatever i want. life fucking sucks when youre a total outcast pos in everyones fucking eyes or whatever. i feel as if everyone is just slaving away to money and not enjoying the real aspects of fucking life together and shit. we are all just looking for a man that floats the fuck on water. i hate drugs. i dont drink. i dont drive cause getting hit by a fucking car is fucking bullshit that bitch went atleast 67 miles for hour or something. its like im the walking dead cause all my suicide attempts have fucking failed and shit. id be that one fuck bag that would survive bleach cause im like cursed or something but thats the last option. i really hate how this life was fucking planned the fuck out. im crazy as fucking hell and usually do the dare when someone tells me to kill myself. my first girlfriend i ever really was in love with dared me to kill myself so i took 37 sleeping pills.. ive had tons of people dare me to kill myself and such. idk why each attempt had to fucking fail. ive drank so much fucking whiskey one sitting that some crazy way i blew fucking sober and shit. like i drank a whole fucking handle like a big ass bottle not the normal bottle but the bigger fucking bottle the bottle you get for fucking parties like the 60 dollar bottle might be 40 or 45 in you state. its 60 here i believe i drank a whole one within 3 hours and such.. and yeah ahah i blew fucking sober.. how the fuck does that even fucking happen? the officer told me he would of found me as drunk but to pass those types of things you just keep fucking blowing and blowing and blowing til you cannot blow too long and you usually gotta blow for a minute 30 to pass it. boose takes your breathe away so its really hard to be as drunk as i was to pass that shit. but im pretty sure i could of passed the test all besides the abc bullshit cause i cant even do that fucking sober haha not at all not once. but yeah if i were you and you didnt want to go to jail for attempted assisted murder or murder i wouldnt dare ever tell me to kill myself at all. cause youll never know how the fuck im feeling that one day.. and i might just end up fucking doing the real big deal and youll be in prison for life cause i do screen shot and share the fuck outta those fucking things and i have letters written on facebook to the people that have told me to kill myself and i keep them all in check as if they were the ones that are willing to do so and such and see me dead. and its not hard to find you profile with links and such to the fucking bullshit.. they can even find your shit when youve deleted you profile and whatever. but thats fucking life. i have a really creepy and dark sense of depression and shit.. i kinda just wanna lay in my dead grandmas coffin and such cause i miss her so fucking much..fuck it all. life fucking sucks really badly.. i wish i could have the money to obtain a gander at her body and such.. even if i couldnt lay in her coffin and such i just would at least like to witness shes dead and gone and see her body laying in her coffin and such. i miss her more than life is worth living. i have many exes and such.. ive talked to 1000's of people no i havent had sex with every woman i meet and such.. i just talk to fucking much for my own fucking good... i might write more at this one day so you can really know me but this is just what i feel for my own fucking good.

Gees whatever I wrote I wanna be nice to myself
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