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Posted by CrimsonPhoenix
Lyrics: You feeble piece of shit Writhing in your jealousy There's no doubt about it You just hate to see me succeed So hurl your insults at me Your fabrications hold no weight Put on a kind face But we both know what you do in secret Can't you see your own toxicity You obsessive leeches Killing your time with hatred How can you think I am worse If you take a look at yourselves Faceless and nameless creatures Your existence is pathetic In your daily life you are human But in the dark you're Anonymonsters Don't pretend you are not a worm Always think you tried to tear me down Sneak around with the other filth huddled in the corner of darkness No matter what happens now You will always be a rat It's on your conscience forever Because you made them take their lives TEAR THEM APART THEY'RE JUST SO VULNERABLE YOU CANNOT HELP YOURSELF YOU PULL THEM DOWN TO LIFT YOU UP
Posted Mon at 11:48 PM
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