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Using MJPEG with VirtualDub 64 Bit under Windows 7, 64 Bit

Posted by NRJMAN77
About using Virtualdub 64 bit version, under Windows 7, 64 Bit version - and using the MJPEG Transcoder\Encoder Codec, for utilizing the 1920 x 1080 Pixel Canvas Size, and Capture Mode... VirtualDub 32 bit version cannot see or utilize the Windows Subsystems MJPEG Transcoder\Encoder - and can only capture in native RGB or YUY2 Color Space Modes under Video, then Capture Pin (if using Windows 7, 64 bit). To enable Virtualdub to see and utilize the mjpeg encoder\transcoder, codec arm, during Virtualdub Capture, just simply upgrade your Virtualdub to 64 bit version (will NOT work, if your windows Operating System is only 32 bit, however). In this way, you will be able to more or less Quantize the Streaming Data that is reeling off of Virtualdub's Capture Process (for Video streams), by fast algorithm quantization of your Video stream into separate and disparate jpeg images (one for each frame and key-frame, without intermediate transcoding or video mixing, between frames, as is the case in some fast motion higher end encoders and transcoders, such as the Video for Windows version of H.264, or the Sony MT2S, or XVid MPEG4 Codec arms)... By this method, Virtualdub 64 bit is also able to correctly capture your True Color's "Color Space" data by fast compressing it, on the fly, into chunked jpeg frames (by using the windows subsystem version of a working MJPEG transcoder\dll file)... Using the Microsoft LifeCam Studio, you may have some difficulties getting the Video\Capture Filter [Settings Dialog Box, q.v.], to work properly, to render a True Color preview image under Virtualdub. Here are the settings which worked for me (note: you just set them, then close and reopen your virtualdub, then leave them alone, so virtualdub can remember these settings, and use them every time you begin a new virtualdub capture session): Brightness=30 Contrast=10 Saturation=104 Sharpness=50 White Balance=3537 Backlight Compensation=3 Although this particular video as not captured using Virtualdub (but the Microsoft Life-Cam Studio's own Capturing Program), it will still serve to demonstrate how this can be done and one can maintain a true HD video resolution, even after migrating to Windows 7, 64 bit, and readapting Virtualdub as the primary Capture Medium\Program and basic capturing process. Virtualdub is OLD software, but there is really nothing like it out there, unless you wish to use something like BBFlashBack Express (free for home use, freeware version - you must contact the Author for an e-mail license key is all that is required to use all of BBFlashback's full power)... This Video Resolution Capture problem with Virtualdub has now been solved. My video just tries to explain more about it and how to resolve this highly unique problem. Hope this information helps someone else who may have struggled with the same issues. If you have any technical questions, please direct them to me on my Facebook Account. To find me on Facebook, simply Google the following parameter and the link to my FB account will come to the top of the heap for the Google Query Returns Page: Google Search Parameter: Yahshua's Son Facebook [Enter] Thanks for watching and may God bless you. :-)
Posted Sep 14
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