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I'm Just a Teenage Mutant, Ninja ~ (Teenage Dirtbag Parody) ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

Posted by Coheed
Parody of "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus All Rucka Videos at Rucka's latest video: ???? Rucka’s Ebola video: Rucka’s Trump video: Rucka’s Biden song: ???? Follow Rucka Rucka Ali: Instagram Snapchat Twitter Facebook TikTok (iamRucka): ???? Subscribe to Rucka on Odysee: Support Rucka on Patreon: Rucka's Nuckas Discord server: ???? LYRICS: My name's Raphael I live down in the sewer It stinks like hell From all of the #2 Our leader's a rat He makes us wear hats So no one will know who I am And no one will give a damn about me Chorus: Cause I'm Just a teenage mutant, ninja Yeah I'm Just a teenage mutant, ninja Eat up some ice cream flavored pizza with me Righteous! Radical! Bossanova! Heil Hitler... Wait what? Dude not cool, c'mon man The Shredder's a d--k He makes kids drop out of school And steal lots of s--t Cause they think that crime is cool April's kind of hot She's on 5 o'clock But she doesn't know who I am And she'll never give that ass up to me (Chorus) Bridge: Oh yeah Cowabunga No we don't run from the foot clansmen Oh yeah F--k them We're heroes in a f--kin' halfshell Man I'm feeling great We finally killed Shredder off Wait look this is gay He's bigger and more pissed off We're all gonna die Kiss your ass goodbye But my ass is under a shell And what's Shredder tryna tell us now? I got some b----s inside with weed and pizza Come and get high with me my n---a I'm just a teenage mutant ninja like you (Chorus) (Bridge) So uh, how does wearing a hat hide the fact that I'm a turtle? Shh shh shut the f--k up Donnie ???? Eminem: Lil Dicky: Weird Al: Bart Baker: Epic Rap Battles of History: The Lonely Island For more Rucka Rucka Ali videos, visit Follow Rucka on Twitter at
Posted Oct 10
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