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Nekrogoblikon - Row

Posted by FadeIntoTheAsh
NEW ALBUM 'WELCOME TO BONKERS' AVAILABLE NOW: Spotify: CD/Vinyl: Bandcamp: iTunes: Lyrics: i been rap tap tappin at the devil’s door i’ve never been too good but now- a knocking at my door? oh no! i ain’t got time for you! row! i wish i woulda been told- i’d offended god i would have been much more careful- but the damage can’t be undone i’ve enjoyed myself- well isn’t that a shock now they are breaking down my door and i’m worried about what the devil’s in store for me had a vision of a cross impaling my throat- oh wow! such power! now they got me on the floor, i’m lookin’ at a shoe but what did i do? open your eyes it’s time now they finally figured it out! all i gotta do is chorus: ROW! you must obey your master ROW! your bones are breaking while you ROW! we should be going faster ROW! the whip will crack your back now row! 10 years ago today- every one of us became a slave but now we don’t mind- we just wanna see the galley go to sit back and watch the show- but the show is made of us and i’m worried about (i’m worried about)- what the future holds for me row! chain me to the bow take away my phone flagellate my soul nowhere left to go screaming in pain they cry for home- but there’s nowhere to go and nothin to do but row row row, row row row we’re rowin’ nowhere fast and god is on the wind- but i can’t feel the wind so row row row, row row row 2 thousand years of slaughter and we only just begun- what a ball of fun row row row, row row row we never said that we would row- but now we’re chained from stern to bow now row row row, row row row nothing left to do but chorus ROW! and everything you thought was true ROW! and now you’re sittin’ on the cemetary stone ROW! (you) can’t move i never said that i would row it didn’t matter Follow us: Instagram: @nekrogoblikonofficial Facebook: Twitter: @nekrogoblikon
Posted Apr 2
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