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Behemoth - Messe Noire

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On behalf of the director & Behemoth, this work is dedicated to the life and memory of H.R. Giger (1940-2014) Directed by Zev Deans \u00a9 Panorama Programming 2015 Director of Photography: Jacqueline Castel Produced by Zev Deans & Jay King DP for Black Mass scenes: Lucky Cheng Assistant Director: Melanie Ghaffari Production & Post Production Designer: Zev Deans Wardrobe/Costumes: Sharon Ehman / Toxic Vision MakeUp/Prosthetics: Beatrice Sniper Digital Effects: Madeline Quinn Art Director: Rebeccah Lak Master of Ceremonies: Zachary Ezrin Gaffer: Mark Balderston Art Assistants: Alex Barton Erose Aziza Jessica Ihnat Emilie Wilde Edited by Zev Deans Sets & Miniatures by Zev Deans Graphic Sigils by Denis Forkas CAST, in order of appearance: Lucifer: Adam Nergal Darski Arcangel Michael: Sam Andoe Abyssal Queen: Sharon Ehman Coven: -Jessica Paige -Kristin Lenore -Sarah Kate -Erika Rodgers -Kristina Kiss Leviathan: Chuck Berrett On-Set Photographer: Andy Sapp Behemoth Tattoo photographer: Sebastian Klimek Special Thanks: BEHEMOTH Leslie Barany Joshua Mekes & SandBox Studios David Castillo Max Isaacson Karlynn Holland Matthew Benjamin Canada Chazz Carfora & GreenCard Productions Raheem Vaziralli Obediah Mazo Andrew Brynner Michael's Meat Market Fiacco's Italian Specialties
Posted Oct 12
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