The Unbearable Truth- Christianity is a lie (full)

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In 3,000 BC; Horus, an Egyptian man-god were reported to have these characteristics: Born of a Virgin Born on Dec 25 Star in the East 3 Kings pay homage at birth Teacher at 12 Had 12 Disciples Start Ministry at 30 Performed Miracles Crucified Dead for 3 Days Resurrected Many other heroes shared similar traits prior and during the time of Jesus. The flood is nearly identical in the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh (2,600BC). The story of the Moses was first told in 2250BC as "Sargon's Birth." In it, Sargon was put into a reed basket and set adrift in river to avoid infanticide. Later rescued by royalty. The 10 commandments were already in the Book of the Dead. Examples: I have not stolen = Thou shall not steal I have not killed = Thou shall not kill I have not told lies = Thou shall not bear false witness ... The hero/messiah stories stem from an intimate experience of early mankind trying to make sense of his environment, specifically the sun and the stars which seemed to have extreme esoteric qualities. The motion of the sun from the earth goes down until the Winter solstice, where it pauses for three days, only to start rising in the sky again. This is now known as a effect of earth's ellipse around the sun where the sun sits higher in the sky in the summers as compared to the winter. The stars were organized into 12 zodiac signs, each sign having their own personality. These two pervasive human experiences were mythologized early on by many cultures, creating a super being of light battling the darkness with the "son" dying for 3 days and arising in conquest of the dark. As man sees the stars "move" in precession of the equinoxes so do the eras, bringing in more mythology. A precession through all of the 12 signs is about a 26,000 year cycle and each age = about 2,150 years. For example: Taurus was 4300 BC - 2150 BC; Aries was 2150 BC-1 AD; and we are now in the age of Pisces which is 1 AD-2150 AD. We moved from worshiping the golden calf to the fisher of men, ushered in by a perfect being of light concurring darkness by rising again. The Alpha and the Omega. These mythologies were canonized in the bible with a Christian mythological focus at 325 during the council of Nicea. The rest, as they say, is history...
Posted January 28, 2016
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