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  • 'A New Me'

    Posted 55 minutes ago by Darko

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    So... Didn't think I'd be wring this... I've decided it's maybe about time to try "better" myself, for me's sake. I'm going to be trying to change a few things about myself. ‚óŹ I'm going to try have a more positive outloo Read More...

  • Maggot (Old)

    Posted 7 hours ago by sleepy

    Maggots,Will I be the one left crawling in the dark blind never seeing the world for what it is,or will I open my eyes only to unveil living in hell.A world of shit and putridity, doubtless and pretentious.A world based Read More...

  • Loyalty (Old)

    Posted 7 hours ago by sleepy


    Every thing is different now, I cannot quite begin to understand.Seems like once you've been dealt enough blows the fatal blow will eventually crush the spirit inward.The spirit used to be chromatic, it used to shine man Read More...

  • The Executioner (Old)

    Posted 7 hours ago by sleepy

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    Sorry strange friend, We shared a common bond. But you underestimated the power of my will. I let my blade sink into you, knowing what has to be done, I torque it rotational directional to your doom. "TWIS Read More...

  • Deny The Cross (Old)

    Posted 7 hours ago by sleepy

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    There is an oath that lives in me,my rejection for your "God".A special place called fantasy land where the Easter Bunny and Jesus hang out.There is no denying, I deny your God.Christian Hypocrite pigs, always stuffing t Read More...

  • Cemetary Branch (New)

    Posted Tue at 9:09 PM by sleepy


    The corpse of a dove laid still and battered withering away day by day. The wind blew rustling leaves over it's lifeless still decaying form. When the wind was done it fell silent, and crushing louder than any storm. Read More...

  • It's Alright (I'm Not Okay)

    Posted Tue at 10:38 AM by ScalyManfish


    When I hear the sirens,I pray they're for me,'cause I've been dyin',why'd you have to leave,and I'm still tryin',so hard not to grieve,but I keep cryin',somethin's wrong with me,It's not alright, I'm okay,I'll just let t Read More...

  • Show me the ropes

    Posted Mon at 11:39 PM by Rinii

    5 Comments 2 Likes 35 Views

    So obviously im new to this site. Thought it'd be easy to meet new people and have a nice chit chat. Seems i can't find a way to personally message people. So if i can't i say hello to you all. In hopes of a response. I' Read More...

  • 'Stop The Planet, I Want Off'

    Posted Oct 20 by Darko

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    I don't like delving into politics, because politics is cancer to those who don't get high on the stuff. But I did see this article it really sums up why I don't want anything to do with it whatsoever. https://www.bbc.co Read More...

  • Joebear Takes A Shit

    Posted Oct 20 by PersephoneZekk


    It was Sunday, October 20 at 5:45 a.m. when Joebear and I had finished our spaghetti dinner. Yes, he and I existed on a different sleep schedule than most living creatures on Earth. We do not like day time or most people Read More...