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  • Weirds Me Out

    Posted 10 hours ago by Noodles123

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    Every time I get to know someone they all have some dark secret past. Drug abuse, sex abuse, alcohol abuse, beatings, stalkers, death, suicides, mental illness etc etc.   Now Noodles had a very poor childhood...I Read More...

  • Debt (All I Know)

    Posted Nov 16 by ScalyManfish

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    It's hard to ignore all the pain in my chest,this doubt in my mind, can I ever find rest,so torn from the war now my heart's just a mess,I'm starting to find I can't cope with my stress,All I know is, I'm awake but I'm s Read More...

  • It's getting colder...

    Posted Nov 16 by Mangarock


    And I don't say that because winter is almost here.

  • My Darkest Noodle Secret

    Posted Nov 16 by Noodles123


  • Foot Meet Mouth

    Posted Nov 16 by StormyStrider11


    Why is it that I can't handle my shit around pretty men? Every time I run into one I lose my shit. Me: walking through Walmart with my awesome bro-in-law, minding my own business. Pretty guy in a band tee and ripped je Read More...

  • A Whole Bear World, part 1

    Posted Nov 15 by PersephoneZekk


    A/N: Because I am in a universe that I am creating in a mainframe, a lot of weird shit happens in this story. Also, there is some bestiality because I do business with my husbear. I awakened to find myself in a burni Read More...

  • Feels Like Cheating

    Posted Nov 15 by Noodles123

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    Like many of you here I'm a refugee of our fallen nerd kingdom on VF and although that site was dying...Was clunky and slow...Had more bugs than a crack house and was terribly coded. I still loved her though. I hope th Read More...

  • First Post I guess

    Posted Nov 15 by SleeqyB0nes


    Heya! I’m Dominic, or SleepyBones. I am a gothish punkish kid living in a tiny mountain town in Colorado. I started dressing in black a year ago, and now my style includes chains, spikes, silver, and the occasional safet Read More...

  • My Sunshine

    Posted Nov 15 by Cacoethes

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    My dearest Sunshine... I crave you immensely for I feel this is destiny. All the things I will do for you, I wait for you to ask of me. I know you are the one I've been waiting for, my love, my sunshine, my girl, my Read More...

  • Eulogy reflection (3)

    Posted Nov 15 by pinkmuffin

    1 Comment 15 Views

    i write and gather eulogies to remember and honor those who aren't around anymore. however, what happens to the people who are still here, but are no longer alive? i had an aunt who recently passed away that hadn't Read More...