Peter Destroys His Computer

  • Peter Destroys His Computer

    A/N: Long story
    TL;DR: Joebear and I laugh at Peter who is extremely technologically-challenged. Peter has yet another mental breakdown and destroys his computer in his front yard.

    As I was cleaning Peter's house as usual, I heard him swearing at his computer as he has been for the past month now. I was on the phone with my husband, Joebear, and we were laughing our heads off. Joebear could barely breathe. He was using his high-pitched quick laugh as he was crying. I had the phone on speaker while we listened to Peter swear at his computer.

    " Why the f dash dash dash won't this accursed attachment send over? The f dash dash dash is wrong with this E-mail?!" Peter would yell.

    Joebear and I couldn't help but crack up at him. My lungs were worn out from all the laughing at him I have done for the past two years.

    Joebear commented with a laugh, "He sounds like he has a mentally-challenged computer and needs help with his brain."

    Peter yelled to Joebear. "All true! This is bull s dash dash dash!!!"

    We cracked up and then continued on with our day. Joebear was playing "Hobos and Dawgs" by our favorite nerd rap artist, DarthSydePhineas.

    "Bam! Bam! BamBamBam! Hobos and Dawgs! Bam! Bam! BamBamBam! Hobos and Dawgs! I need a hobo or a dawg, not you. Then I can go back to class! I need pictures! Where the heck are they? I need to find a hobo or a dog. I need to find a hobo or a dog. This is foolish! This is foolish!" I rapped along.

    "F dash dash dash dash dash dash h dash dash dash. If you are going to make technology, at least make it work correctly. What the f dash dash dash is the point?" Peter would continually rant at least 15 times a day. I laughed every time without fail. Godiva would just roll her eyes and ignore the foolishness in her son's office. Jamie would interrupt him from his swearing to do more random chores. Interruptions did not help Peter's already horrific mood.

    Other times, Joe and I would sing along to DarthSydePhineas's "I AM REALLY SONIC!" while Peter would be doing chores, and I would clean his house.

    "I am really Sonic. And you can't fool with me now. I am a super hedgehog! And I have spikes on my back! Oh shoot!" Joebear and I would sing.

    "Okay. I tried to send this f dash dash dash dash dash dash three times. Let me break this file down... AGAIN!!! SIIIIIIGHH!!!" Peter would say at least five times a day. The poor jerkface just wanted to publish his novels and send them to every literary agent in the world. Whenever he said this rant, I was on the floor laughing every time while Joebear would try to help him break the file down. Joebear was a computer whiz. Peter was technologically-challenged. Joebear and I had a good laugh. Peter was mad.

    "Yes. I typed Artie Wonderbloom and The Green Goblin and Artie Wonderbloom and The Yellow Brick Road at least 20 times today. The f dash dash dash else did I write that I am trying to publish? I already published 20 screenplays. Let's move on with my life PLEASE!!!! SIGH! F dash dash dash it. Where is the auto fill?" Peter would rant. "I published 20 screenplays and am trying to publish two novels. Why the f dash dash dash am I still doing DRYWALL? Because of the ever-failing healthcare AND insurance system in America and INFLATION! This world HATES MEEEE!" This rant happened at least once a day. This rant also made Joebear and me belly-laugh without sound. "Unbelievable. I was a model in my time. I wrote screen plays. I am writing two novels. Blood, sweat, and tears. Lots and lots of tears! Why in the WORLD am I broke? Because America's economic crash in 2008. Because politicians! My Life.... UGH!!!!"

    Joebear and I would cry laughing at this particular rant. We agreed. It was stupid that even if you made over $50,000 a year, you were still considered broke. That's why Joebear and I do our own business. We hate answering to people for no apparent reason.

    Today, we felt more sympathetic for our tall, technologically-challenged friend than we usually did. I went over to poke him on the shoulder repeatedly. The poor jerkface looked like he was about to cry.

    "I have tried three times. Three f dash dash dash dash dash dash times. To format this E-mail correctly. These literary agents are pretentious, picky, self-centered pieces of dog s dash dash dash. They have so so many f dash dash dash dash dash dash rules. It's their way or f dash dash dash you. Sigh. I should have been a literary agent. It would definitely help me make more money. If I knew how to be a literary agent, I'd do it. It would also relieve frustration, stress, and anxiety to tell other writers to take a LOOOONG hike if they so much as miss a comma! I. HATE, NO LOATHE. These. RIDICULOUS. PEOPLE. I want to E-mail them and tell them exactly what the f dash dash dash I think!" Peter ranted with his trademark sigh.

    Joebear and I laughed again.

    "You need a new E-mail client. Comcrap is a piece of dog s dash dash dash. Also, you do have a knack for missing commas. Your writing is amazing, but you forget commas like you forget everything else. Your memory kicks bricks," I said.

    "He uses Comcrap? No wonder!" Joebear chimed in.

    "I know it!" Peter said as he accented his Southern accent. "You guys use G-mail, right?"

    "Yes.," I answered.

    "How the f dash dash dash do you set up a G-mail account?" he asked.

    Joebear sighed. "Xara. Help him please. I'm going to have a bowel movement now. I shall return," he said.

    "Enjoy thy movement," I said to Joebear before I answered Peter. "Go to"

    Peter was typing the address into the Google search engine.

    "Okay. Go to," I said.

    He clicked the link.

    "Now go to 'create account'," I said.

    Peter clicked the link. "So I just fill this s dash dash dash out, right?"

    "Yes, Pete," I said.

    He put his first name was Peter and last name as Awkward. G-mail suggested that his E-mail be

    "Sounds about right. You act like an eight-year-old," I said with a shrug.

    "Works for me," he said with a grin. He now had an E-mail address of His other one was He was also a super hero until last year when he had a mental breakdown and didn't feel like coping with being stuck in drywall, exploding cars, toilet gardens, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, naked neighbors, or birthday parties that went bad because someone forgot the non-alcoholic beer.

    We continued to set up his G-mail account until he asked me what theme I thought he liked. I was sorry to say, but there was a serene purple scene with lilies in the background that I knew he liked. But it was too feminine. I saw Peter as a manly boy, a guy who liked trees, leaves, and old houses built in the 1800s. I was not going to stand for him to pick something so feminine. I guessed the leaf theme.

    "Ugh. No. Too typical. Try again," he said.

    "How about the woods?" I asked.

    "Oh DEAR. Everyone picks that!" Peter exclaimed.

    "I don't. I made a custom black, purple, and white theme to describe my unique nature," I said.

    He blinked and made a "taken-aback" face with an added shudder. "Well, I like the black theme, too, but that's too obvious," he said.

    "How about the rainbow-colored fish one?" I asked.

    "Okay. Stop picking what I *should* like and pick what I *know* I like," Peter said.

    I sighed. "Peter, don't pick that purple one..." I said.

    Joebear returned to the phone after a quick bowel movement. "So where are we in setting up the E-mail?" he asked.

    "Peter picked a purple theme for his new G-mail account," I said.

    "You know it!" Peter said with a smile.

    "Peter, that's girly," I said.

    "Oh my God. That's a feminine thing to do," Joebear said with a laugh.

    "What? I like purple. And as I recall, Joebear, you like purple, too," he said as he picked the purple theme.

    "Yeah, but I don't pick an overly purple theme! I'm not a female" he said.

    Peter snickered. "Are you sure about that?" he asked.

    "Yeah, dude. I'm pretty sure I'm a man," Joebear said with an added "durrr!" at the end.

    "Well, you liked purple, and you called me feminine, so I had to ask," Peter responded.

    "Oh dear, Peter," I said and laughed. I went back to work for a bit to try to stop laughing at Peter. "You're such a girl!!!! You know what? I'm going to go ahead and buy you some eyeliner and lipstick. And maybe some new skinny jeans!"

    Joebear and I cracked up at my remark. Peter snarled at us and continued to work on his computer.

    "That's so girly" Joebear said to me and laughed. "Please don't do that seriously."

    "I might," I said.

    "Oh dear! I'm done! Call me when something stupid happens!" Joebear said.

    "Will do. Love you, bae!" I sung.

    "Love you, too," he said as he made a dolphin sound.

    I made a dolphin sound in return. He hung up the phone.

    A few minutes later, I heard a few quite extreme growls emanating from Peter. He had anger issues, but no one could help him. I laughed. His mom couldn't help but giggle and shake her head. She was so done with him that day. I could tell.

    I called Joebear.

    "Hello?" he asked.

    "Bae, something stupid happened," I said.

    "What now?" he asked.

    "I don't know," I said as I put my phone on speaker. "I'Il find out." I went over to Peter and patted his shoulder.

    "I tried to send this E-mail three times! Three! Now four! Geez, I can't count!" Peter said as he growled.

    "Oh dear!" Joebear said as he giggled.

    "Maybe you put in the wrong E-mail address," I said.

    "Maybe the first time, but I double-checked the website and double-checked my clipboard and everything was fine," he said loudly.

    "Maybe the website had the wrong E-mail address," I said.

    "No! I went to Donald K. Fulton's WEBSITE ITSELF. That's the literary agent! I took the dash dash dash E-mail straight from the dash dash dash website and copied it into the dash dash dash recipient's box on the dash dash dash DASH DASH E-mail!" Peter said as he started foaming at the mouth.

    "Donald K. Fulton sounds like a jerk's name," Joebear said.

    "It is. This guy is a *real* jerk. I hope this jerk accepts my story," Peter said.

    The tune, "I Spawn, I Die," by DarthSydePhineas was in the background.

    "Dude, have you ever thought that maybe you're just bad with computers?" I said humorously to Peter.

    "Not only that, BUT I'M CURSED!!!!!!" Peter yelled as he grabbed his monitor by the sides and stared intently at it with rage. Then he calmed down just for a moment and smiled. "Sometimes these websites just aren't designed very well!"

    I laughed. "Because they were designed by monkeys."

    "Yeah, monkeys can't program worth a s dash dash dash," Joebear added before he sung a mock version of 'I Spawn, I Die.' "They spawn, they die. They spawn, they die. Every monkey junker has stupid E-mails. Every monkey junker has stupid E-mails. D-D-D-D-D-DonkeyDoo! D-D-D-D-D-DonkeyDoo!"

    "Oh God! Everything with you guys is against monkeys!" Peter said as he rolled his eyes. "How do you refresh the page?"

    "Press F5 on the top of your keyboard, you Incompetent Jerk," I said with a giggle.

    Joebear snickered at me. "WOW!" he said with a high-pitched quick laugh.

    Peter was really incompetent; he frequently talks about how incompetent he is. I am not sure if I am more incompetent than Peter or not. Joebear was really competent. And Peter was bad with computers. I was going to call Peter an Incompetent Jerk.

    "The f dash dash dash did you just call me?" Peter asked as he pressed F5 and turned his face toward me.

    "An Incompetent Jerk. You talk about how incompetent you are and are terrible with computers! Why are you mad at me for agreeing with you?" I yelled.

    "Oh take a loooooooooong hike. You're as bad as these terribly CONFIGURATED web sites!" he said as he jestured rudely toward me.

    "If our websites were built by super scientists, our websites wouldn't be f dash dash dash dash dash dash up," Joebear said. "Monkeys are just STUPID with programming. You need help, Peter?"

    "Yes," he answered. "But not before I beat this computer into submission. I haven't tried that yet!" All of a sudden, Peter rose and punched his monitor in the face. "How do you like that?" He kicked the computer desk. "That's what I think of you, you piece of s dash dash dash!"

    Joebear and I cracked up.

    "Really? You beat the computer? How is that going to help?" Joebear said as he cracked up. "Oh dear."

    "This computer cannot be helped," Peter said before he turned off his tablet kindly. He then opened his window. He turned off the computer. "Thank God I backed up all my s dash dash dash up on a hard drive. Thank you, Joebear."

    "You're welcome. What were you trying to do?" Joebear asked with a chuckle.

    Peter then went into crying hysterics. "I just wanted to send my query letter to Donald K. Fulton. That's all. Is that too much to ask?" Peter cried.

    "Dude, just send it as an attachment," Joebear said.

    "No literary agent accepts attachments because trolls put bad stuff on them," Peter said as he was literally crying.

    "Oh wow. Don't they have anticrap software to determine if the attachment is f dash dash dash dash dash dash?" Joebear asked.

    "An anti-what?" Peter asked as he was sniffling.

    "It's antivirus software and adblockers to determine whether your attachments are garbage or not," I answered.

    "I don't know, but I can't get this thing to send," Peter said.

    "F dash dash dash it. Try it again later," Joebear said.

    "Good idea," Peter said with an evil smile. "I'll try it again WITH A NEW COMPUTER!"
    He then went ape on his computer all of a sudden; he pounded on the sides of the monitor while grunting and swearing. He repeatedly kicked the tar out of his computer and broke the monitor. "F dash dash it! This computer is 10 years old. I am going to Microcenter in Duluth tomorrow to put my s dash dash dash on a computer that actually f dash dash dash dash dash dash works! F dash dash dash this piece of s dash dash dash! Need to buy a new computer and need to b dash dash dash dash dash at these literary agents for being less computer savvy than I am. I'd like to beat the s dash dash dash out of them." He suddenly threw his computer out of his window. "Aaaaagggfghhhhhhhhhh! Get the f dash dash dash out of here!!!! F DASH DASH DASH YOU YOU PIECE OF S DASH DASH DASH COMPUTER!!! F DASH DASH DASH THESE LITERARY AGENTS!"

    Joebear was laughing hysterically over the phone. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" He asked between laughs. "Okay. That happened. I wasn't expecting that! Wow!" He was crying with laughter. "Holy Cow!"

    At this point, I really should be used to Peter's random outbursty rages, but I found every single one of them hilarious. I just laughed until my chest felt like exploding. My mouth was hurting from smiling too much out of laughter. I was beyond shocked when he threw his computer out of a window. I was in a ball and crying with laughter. What the heck, Peter?

    "What the heck?!" Ted the Alligator yelled. "I can't even walk in people's front yard without getting s dash dash dash thrown at me! SIGH!!!! I'm just trying to find something to f dash dash dash dash dash dash eat. I get a COMPUTER thrown at me? The heck is wrong with this world?"

    Joebear continued to sing a mock version of DarthSydePhineas's song, 'I Spawn, I Die.' "Can't stop killing it. Can't stop. Can't stop killing it. Don't how to stop! Can't stop killing it! Don't know how to stop!" He followed with a laughing fit.

    When Ted was randomly in Peter's front yard, I was trying to hold my heart in my chest. I was having an extreme laughing fit. I was laughing without being able to breathe.

    "What is going on? Is Peter fighting someone? What? Over a computer?" Joebear asked in disbelief.

    "Yes. He is fighting with an alligator in his front yard. This s dash dash dash is hilarious," I said while belly laughing.

    "What? Is he Steve Erwin now?! I didn't know computer issues could have such an effect on mental stability," Joebear said while laughing.

    "Why the f dash dash dash are you in my yard, Ted?! Gee Whiz! Haven't you learned from the time I chased you with a chainsaw?" Peter yelled at him and was ready to throw the computer DESK at Ted.

    "Look, I ain't even KNEW this was your yard. I normally come in the back yard. I didn't know this was YOUR front yard. S dash dash dash. The f dash dash dash you throwing your computer at me for?" Ted asked him and was ready to eat Peter up.

    Peter was holding his computer desk and ready to beat Ted with it. "I didn't know you were in my f dash dash dash dash dash dash yard!!! If I knew you were there, I would have beat you WITH my computer. Get the f dash dash dash out of my yard!" Peter screamed at him. "You're more of a piece of s dash dash dash than my computer!" Peter made a stupid laugh after that last comment.

    "Look man, May the Lord help you, I'mma eat you up in your own house. Come at me, bro!" Ted screamed back at him. "I'm hungry and am in no mood for your attitude!" Ted was slithering toward Peter. "Had enough of your dern s dash dash dash!"

    "Ted. Where you at?" Mr. Williamson's voice saved Peter's miserable life.

    Joebear and I were howling with laughter.

    "Record this! Record this!" Joebear yelled.

    "Will do," I said. "I'll send you the video when I finish with it!"

    "Okay. Love you, bae," he said.

    "Love you, too," I said. "I see you later."

    He hung up, and I began to record these bums arguing.

    "Man, this dummy threw a computer at me! I was tryna find something to eat and then this crazy man comes at me," Ted yelled.

    "Your alligator is in my yard again! Get out of my yard! What? Is my yard a hangout or something? I've been through this five times! Can we please stop now?!" Peter yelled. "Excuse me. I need to beat the h dash dash dash out of my computer. I gotta find a hammer." He then came in the house through the window to find a hammer.

    I was recording Peter coming through the window before I turned my attention to Mr. Williamson.

    "Come on Ted. This guy is off his rocker," Mr. Williamson said as he shook his head and cracked up.

    "No kidding. God help us," Ted said as he went to Mr. Williamson.

    Jack the Crocodile was behind them. "Hey man, where the heck have you been?" he asked.

    "I don't know. I was walking around tryna find something to eat, and all of a sudden, this crazy cat throws a computer out of his window. That thing dang near hit me," Ted said.

    Jack shook his head. "Oh wow. That's crazy. Let's get out of here," he said.

    Peter returned with a hammer. He jumped out of his window and looked at Mr. Williamson leaving. People driving by saw Peter's computer set-up tossed all over the front yard. "Hi, everyone. Welcome to my front yard. Would you like to see me beat the s dash dash dash out of my computer?!" he asked loudly with a wide smile and fiery eyes that burned with anger. Those famous red circles around his eyes were dark even behind his glasses.

    I laughed loudly as I was recording these shinattigans.

    Mr. Williamson laughed and shook his head as he was walking away with Ted and Jack. "No thank you. We have a world to save. I'd give you a pamphlet, but you seem preoccupied," he responded.

    "Yep!" Peter said as he started beating his computer with a hammer. He was grunting and muttering swear words. At this point, I doubt he was speaking English. It seemed that Peter was getting angrier and angrier every day. It must come with becoming incompetent and knowing it. He definitely wasn't any more competent as he got older. Maybe he looked competent, but trust me, he wasn't.

    I was having a laughing fit as I watched and recorded computer hardware fly across his yard. He even pulled a few wires out of the machine and electrocuted himself a few times. I was recording and laughing my head off. My chest was hurting from all of that laughing. I couldn't breathe, and my abdomen was cramping up from all of the laughter.

    "Oh God, stop Peter. I'm dying. You're giving me a hernia! Hahaha. I'm going to lose 20 pounds from laughing. Haha!" I yelled at him. I was seriously having trouble breathing.

    "The computer has not been obliterated yet, and I have not had adequate shock therapy," he responded as he continued to repeatedly dent the computer processing unit.

    He stopped for a second and looked at me with my phone. "Are you recording me?" He was walking toward me angrily with that trademark evil smile with his pointy canines. He was still holding his hammer. "Stop that s dash dash dash now, or my computer isn't going to be the only thing destroyed!"

    I immediately stopped recording and put my phone in my cleaning apron. "Okay, Peter," I said with a smile.

    "Thank you," he said before he returned to beating his computer. He already obliterated the monitor some more. Parts of the screen were in his neighbors' yard. It turned out that parts of his desk were in the neighbors' yard, too.

    More people drove by before stopping to see Peter destroy his own belongings. He now was kicking his computer desk repeatedly. Some people looked at him with horror while others were laughing hysterically.

    "What are you looking at? I live here. I have a right to destroy my own property on my front yard. Obviously, you have nothing better to do with your life than watch me decimate this object that has caused me grief and suffering for FAR TOO LONG!!!!" He called to passerbys as he continued to beat his computer to oblivion.

    People drove away as they were laughing and/or were mortified. I was laughing, too. I hoped Peter was relieving stress and anxiety on that accursed computer. It probably needed a good beating. It was the only thing Peter could do with a computer correctly. He even received a few bonus electric shock treatments to perhaps help him learn how to do something with a computer besides use it as a personal whipping post.