Cold Silent Regret

  • He sat there in his bedroom in the dark. Listening to the silence that surrounded him like a cocoon. He could feel the cold air and the gentle breeze from the open window. He could feel his left arm slowly growing colder and heavier. While he thought of the release that would follow. Although he sat in the dark he knew there was a small puddle of blood forming on the floor.

    RING-RING, the sound of the phone shocked him from his idle thoughts and back to the painful harshness of reality. Whoever it was must have a wrong number. Nobody had called him in days, that had felt like weeks maybe even years. He had lost touch with his so called friends and they seem to have not even missed him. RING-RING. he ignored the phone as the message bank kicked in.

    CLICK, If you have a message leave it, okay CLICK. His voice seemed as disconnected as he felt listening to it.

    Then the voice he had not expected.

    CLICK, Marcus it's Jeannie, please pick up. I'm worried about you. Don't you know how much I care about you and how much I really love you - pause- Okay I don't want to upset you if you need some time to work stuff through but please call me soon. Bye for now love Jeannie, CLICK

    That was one voice he had not counted on and one message and revelation he had never expected. Or should he have? Being so self absorbed in his feelings of grief and isolation he may have frozen any sense of connection to others around him. He would have reached for the phone now and called her and begged her to be there, but his strength and will were no gone.

    They they there are some mistakes we live to regret. Sadly we don't always live to regret.

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