• I’m learning to keep my distance/
    Lately you’ve been distant from me/
    Are we locked in a resistance?
    Or are we resisting to leave?
    The demons aren’t done/
    They’re slowly draining my blood/
    They hung me upside down but I’m above/
    I’ve suffered worse, it’s a thing called love/
    Either way one thing is clear/
    Love is something we all fear/
    Eventually it disappears/
    I haven’t felt this way in years/
    If silence is what we have/
    I guess it’s not so bad/
    Wouldn’t want to get emotional/
    Silence keeps me in control/
    So here I am saving the words/
    I’ll bury them deep in the dirt/
    I have no idea what it’s worth/
    If you love just know you’ll hurt/

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