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Can't Stop

  • They said you can’t stop it now/
    Still I’m stomping it down/
    They said it’s solid ground/
    Well I broke it somehow/
    They said you need this shit/
    I say the shits so profound/
    They say it’s so legit/
    Here we go pound for pound/
    You know it will not quit/
    I still go round for round/
    This silver pistol is whipped/
    It shot up the whole town/
    I see that you’re equipped/
    In your own blood you will drown/
    Now the gunners been flipped/
    You can’t run upside down/
    You dumb fucker you tripped/
    Awhile my hearts tripping out/
    You got under my skin/
    Got stuck inside you clown/
    I think it’s time you admit/
    I’m the one laughing now/
    You’re inside my brain bitch/
    It’s time to blow you out