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Stacked Deck

  • They’re definitely convinced they’re onto something/
    They try to run you down, right into the ground/
    They don’t realize with who they’re fucking/
    I can play this game, maliciously, round by round/
    You’re looking for something, that happened long ago, I’ll have you know/
    You thought you had solid evidence, but you got nothing to show, uh-oh/
    You can’t bury a man that doesn’t fear death/
    He is total paranoia lounging in your head/
    Truth is he isn’t trying to catch you in the act/
    Nothing to prove to no one because he knows the facts/
    I know what I’ve done, but I’m not keeping track/
    You all can have your fun, you can talk your smack/
    You took your shots at me, I’m just shooting back/
    All your hypocrisy will make your own bones crack/
    My morbidity is what keeps me in tact/
    You won’t win this game, even if the decks stacked/

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