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Liberal Gods

  • Hazel eyes masked in angelic blue/
    A color that’s not a human hue/
    Humanity lacks a fucking clue/
    You feel the red eyes piercing through/

    Let’s pressure them to get vaccinated/
    Although this isn’t a legit cure/
    Every dose is concentrated/
    One dose, two dose, three dose, four/

    Inject them with it more and more/
    Brainwash them till they hit the floor/
    The body aches and the muscles sore/
    We use force if we can’t implore/

    This will be mandatory for you all/
    You’ll also have no guns to draw/
    We will fucking kill you off/
    We’re the elite liberal Gods/

    Worship us and do as we say/
    We will make you anyway/
    No I don’t practice what I preach/
    Don’t question someone you’re beneath/

    No guns unless it’s my security/
    We can’t have responsible armed human beings/
    They might stop the race wars we start/
    Make sure these citizens stay far apart/

    If they talk to each other and think for themselves/
    I won’t be able to enjoy myself/
    They must suffer for my wealth/
    My power, my money, and my health/

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