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Omen's Rage (Turn The Page by Bob Seger rewritten)

  • On a long and lonesome highway, drifting in the shadows
    You know this panther’s roaming, Omen all alone
    You can say this soul is broken, a man in an eternal war

    But your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always do
    A strangers voice is always talking, which is the voice of you
    Your conscious barely responding, as you claw your way through

    Here I am, breaking bones again
    There I am, thunder and rain
    Here I go, striking them down again
    There I go, I’m Omen’s rage

    Well, you walk into the devil’s pit, with limbs of whom you slain
    You feel his eyes upon you, you crush the bones into cocaine
    You tell him how he failed, he just can’t win this game

    Most times he won’t speak a word, This time he finally does
    He laughs and growls out “Look at what you’ve become
    You think we’re still playing the game, but clearly I won.”

    Here I am, breaking bones again
    There I am, a man gone insane
    Here I go, “Oh this ain’t the end
    It’s time you feel, Omen’s pain”

    Down here in the depths of hell, It’s time freeze the throne
    My heart is colder, than any soul you’ve known
    Hell will now freeze over, because it will explode

    Lost in a watched over moment, My creator protects me
    He gives me the coldest power, a sacrifice to receive
    My heart is an ice grenade, freezing hell for eternity

    Here I am, just debris in the frost
    Here I am, free from the game
    Here I go, it was worth the cost
    There I go, Omen’s rage

    Here I am, God helped set me free
    There I am, my wings scrapping clouds
    Here I go, Omen’s eternity
    There I go, heaven bound

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