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My Thoughts on the "Attack" on Free Speech Currently Happening

  • I'm going to begin by stating that I do think that social media platforms are taking things a little too far. No one should have their account deleted because of something that they say or do. 


    But after recent news of "Parler" being taken off of the top 2 app stores and the owner of the website's over-exaggeration of stating that it'll ruin him, I just wanna take a minute to express my opinion. 


    These decisions were made by privately-owned companies who exercised their right to make a decision that they thought was right. Do we have to agree with it? No, absolutely not and I think it's fucking stupid. Do we have to respect that they have the authority to do this? No, but those who are making a big deal out of it are the hypocrite boot lickers who suck the cocks of big business like it was their slave master.


    Social media for the most part has regulated itself, whether it be by a small group of admins (such as VF) or by a larger network of people and "fact-checkers" (such as FB and Twitter). Matters of privacy and free speech are 2 different things. I believe that privacy should be regulated to keep people safe and that there should be laws the protect the end user from having their info/data stolen and used maliciously. But when it comes to what can be posted, shared, and uploaded: I believe that the company that owns the platform should be able to self regulate that. 


    I don't think that this is an "attack" on free speech because there are just so many other available outlets available to post what you want. 


    I'm gonna use an extreme example, but it should help make it easier to clarify my point. 


    I'm going to use 2 different websites: Facebook and Fetlife. 


    Both of them self regulate what can be posted. Both of them are openly available for anybody to use. But the difference between the content and speech allowed differs greatly. 


    You can post anything that you would normally post on FB on Fetlife, but you can't post most of the things that you would post on Fetlife on FB. 


    That's because it's up to the owners of the platforms to regulate what can be posted. That doesn't mean that FB isn't banning free speech, it just means that they don't want that very specific content on their platform. 


    You would still have the option of posting your NSFW stuff, but just not on one platform of the many that are out there. 


    "But you're missing the point, Google Play and the Apple App store deleted the app from their que, that means that the big bad USA is trying to take away my 1st amendment rights". 


    I can see this point of view, but this brings up the subject of "availability". 


    You can still download Parler. Just not on those 2 specific PRIVATELY OWNED app downloading platforms. 


    Just look up Parler apk on any search engine that you want and you'll find a million different sites that'll let you download and install the app. 

    Or better yet, just go on another social media platform that does the exact same thing. 




    I agree, I'm not saying that they aren't trying to silence a certain group of people, but once again I'm going to bring up the subject of "availability". 


    Just like the vanilla market of things, there is are countless markets for different social media platforms that'll let you post whatever you want (Parler being one of them). 

    You're not being FORCED to use FB, Twitter, etc...


    Think of it like shopping at a store. If you don't like what one store has to offer, you can just go to another store and get what you need there. 


    The app stores are like malls and apps are like the stores in the mall. Just because one mall doesn't have the store you're looking for, doesn't mean that the one specific store doesn't exist. It just doesn't exist at that one specific mall of the thousands of malls that do exist. 




    I'm still gonna use FB, but if I wanna post something that I wouldn't wanna post there, I'll just look for another place to post it. 


    I know that not many people will agree with me on this, but that's my take on it. 


    People get mad all the time about "FAKE NEWS" but guess what, big news is regulated by the government

    Most news platforms that keep it real are the indie ones. 


    That doesn't mean that big news doesn't have its place, it just means that there are other unregulated options out there. 


    I'll be a monkey's uncle before social media becomes government regulated. 


    I'm just shit posting this on here at midnight because I'm bored and can't sleep even though I have work tomorrow. 


    You don't have to take me seriously, I'm just expressing myself. 


    Have a great day on this privately-owned social media platform

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