• Alone, again

    Hiding in my shame

    One more curse and I start to cry

    Scream at me when i ask you why

    Fragile soul, broken soul

    Yell at me, "do as you're told"

    Your heart is so cold

    Call me another name, mock me

    She'll tell you to shut up with your screaming


    I'm not perfect

    You don't expect less of me

    I'm hard to get

    Please, just be patient

    And quit making us fear being hit

    You are heartless

    Wound up sick in the head because of you

    Fine on the surface

    But scared and hurt on the inside in fear of you


    Alone, fearful

    Another welt left hurtful

    Cover up the bruises and markings

    No one will believe you, so say nothing

    If you do, it will only make things worse

    No melancholy here, no mercy for the terse

    Your mistakes put you with the worst

    That scum has to offer


    I'm not perfect

    I'm only strong on the surface

    Must keep a normal face

    Can't tell anyone the source of all my pain

    Or things won't ever again be the same

    Wish I told someone

    To end my shame

    And maybe somebody would have shown me some love

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