They're back

  • I've never done it but they're tempting me, how can I know if I don't and see? My only strength were the promises made, and now abandoned again with each blink all I see is a blade. The two may be harmful but at least for me they're still here! Because alone the quiet is too much to bear. Just one cut is all it takes to see if it's ok, to see if it really helps keeping it all away. There must be a reason why I keep thinking this, to want for a blade to leave its mark with a kiss. It must mean SOMETHING to fall asleep and wake to the same thoughts! Especially when there's no difference after how long I've fought! What is it I'm even fighting for anyway? More broken promises of those going to stay? I hate the way I see everything as such a waste, yet everyone else sees it as their favorite taste. Maybe it's better if I'm left alone, maybe this is some lesson repeating that for it I must atone. I should do it.. I should do it.. I should do it?... Should I do it?.. I should do it.. Should I do it? Someone tell me if I should do it.. Tell me why I shouldn't do it. Make me believe why I shouldn't do it.

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