Not that it matters.

  • I keep checking my email to see if you feel how I feel, to see if you will still break this wheel, on the cycle that keeps me from a real heal, not just a temporary bandaid that over time will peel. You were the last of my defense, and your loss has revitalized a great distress, an abandonment I know won't be addressed and in it's place a self replicating worsening guess to which I will obsess. I now spend nights sleeping with a knife in hope's that I will wake to my final thoughts before being presented with the farm that the dynamic duo have bought (Anxiety and depression)... But, you don't care anymore do you? Probably figure I'll get over it and just pretend that what's happening is for the best and some sort of test being presented from above or whatever direction whomever goes when this "process" comes to an end. 

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