• The universe bares no ill to me, I bare no ill to it. As for the Gods, I feel that more presence would be very much appreciative by everyone seeking and needing some sort of guidance and belief within themselves. I understand that this is our world and life but, as for the form of what comes next or where we go from here depending on our behavior. What proof is there other than those whom we lose faith in and stories created with the purpose of disbelief. I feel that every religion is right in their belief yet wrong in how they go about it in arrogance and hatred. I feel that nobody sees the entire picture, each religion from a different section of this world yet forgetting and neglecting that it's all of the same world. EVERYTHING has a different name in a different language BUT it is still the same thing, so why are people accepting water, agua, mâa, shui and maim as the same thing no matter where it was introduced or differently said... But not God(s) or their chosen messengers/children/prophets? With that I feel it is humanities fault for not understanding something so simple and warping and corrupting it into something so unspeakably ignorant and irresponsibly self destructive.

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