Short story.

  • Take a breath never rest
    Give to me take away
    Your tempestuous grace

    Find in me avert your gaze
    It’s right there hidden deep
    My covetous inclinations

    Show me now I don’t want to know
    What it is and will never be
    All of my vulnerability unmasked

    I live for this and yet I die
    A little more but none at all
    Your obsession is my addiction

    I can’t stand it I want more
    Offer me pain I see bliss
    My contradiction perfectly me

    I can still feel the ghost of your hands
    My skin tingles from your touch
    The whispers, they linger like smoke
    Grazing and taunting me with what
    Is gone and never coming back
    Tracing the line of my neck
    My shoulder and down my back
    Your hand will never land on mine
    Our fingers will not lace together again
    Your ghost is haunting me beyond
    Forever burning you into my soul
    I can’t escape the searing of your shadow
    It follows me everywhere that I go
    You stole a part of my essence
    Took it with you when you left
    I was falling and hurting almost dead
    Brought me back from the grave
    You don’t deserve to know who I am now
    Move along there’s nothing for you here
    Your ghost will wither and fade away
    When new hands lay their claim to me
    This broken heart will heal in spite of you
    My existence matters so much more
    Then remembering what we had
    What brought me down to none
    Your ghost can’t fight me forever
    I’ll wash the bitter taste of you
    Down the drain where you belong
    You have no power over me anymore
    Your ghost has nothing that I want

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