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  • Soooooooooooooooooooooo

    Went to get water and as I looked down I saw someone had been writing on the ground with a marker. Was something about some guy named "Steve" and him being a "Liar" etc. Probably some girl had gone late at night and got drunk and just poured their emotions out while drinking and crying. We've all...
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

  • Saturday Dinner Party =)

    I'm going to make my chicken mole enchiladas: And Pollo Tingo I love to cook so I'm excited.  =)
  • Oddly Quiet

    Things are progressing well...But everything this week seems to be in limbo. Not good...Not bad...Just in a moment in the middle. This weekend I'm going to meet my Girlie's Family so I'm a bit excited and it should be fun or at least interesting. I told them I'll be cooking because that's honestl...
  • Quick Noodle's Comment

    Being nice and helpful is a great thing. Being a sucker and used for overdoing your niceness is a weakness. People tend not to appreciate shit so never give everything away for free with no reciprocity otherwise it will be expected not appreciated. Example:  I help someone move?  N...
  • Damn! They Know My Secret!

    I keep getting emails for this: Male Escort Job: "High Paid Job for Fit Bad Boy. Urgently need male escort. Good fucker will be paid over...$100-$500  for fucking our female clients." Finally a job I'm great and can make happily doing what I do best. "What's that Noodles?"-Asked a...
  • Shit Is Getting Weird

    Economy is amazing for some and terrible for others. Workers are getting soaked...Those not working are making more in many cases than those that work. Jobs are being sent out of country as we're flooded with more illegals to feed. Food prices and basic necessities are shooting up in prices. ...
  • Hitting The Gym

    Noodles has now hit the gym 3 times in a week...Watch out ladies! Try not to fall in love. I mean it damn it!  >=( These creamy thighs and flabby arms have been promised to someone else! Keep your envy and jealousy to yourself!
  • Odd Occurance

    So my girlie and I had just left the Van Gogh Exhibition...We're walking back to the parking lot and as we're crossing the street I see something on the ground. Flat carboard with some sort of print or poster on it. I pick it up. It was a fucking Shirley Novak high end print...Not a poster...Not ...
  • Sounds So Posh

    Hotel in San Francisco, red wine, Van Gogh Exhibition, dinner and drinks in ChinaTown...Good time was had by all. The Van Gogh Exhibition was very nice...Sat there with my girlie watching the huge screen paintings of it and listening to classical music...It was relaxing.