Why Do People...?

  • Do weird shit and then get mad or shocked when they get caught and get accused of being weird?

    1 + 1 = 2


    If a person is toxic we know it...But we choose to ignore it maybe the chick is hot or the guy is handsome so we stay then we're shocked when shit goes sideways.

    If you do bad shit or hang around with shitty people one day they'll turn on you...Don't act shocked when they do.

    If you don't rest, don't exercise, don't eat well, drink too much, do too many drugs, sleep around, cheat people or are an asshole to there will always be repercussions to your decisions.

    If you're too nice, too empathic, too giving then you're also not learning your lesson and it gets old to hear people complain about being used or fucked over YET AGAIN.

    I mean learn a fucking lesson and stop doing it or at least try to be less of a dumbass.

    Noodles is a lot of things but one thing he isn't or will even deal with is people that are Toxic or Drama.

    Annnnnnnnd trust me sometimes I had to say bye to gorgeous women that were just too problematic.

    It was hard to do, my penis was usually very angry, but happiness is a lot better than having sadness, anger and stress over some silly ass drama that you could have cut out of your life if you had just pulled the trigger:


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